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This app is an interactive web map that integrates bike share data, yelp business info, and google bike routes. Please test the alpha version of my beer and bike map app and send me feedback!

Salt Lake Tribune

June 2016 - currently employed

Utah Campus Sexual Assault: an interactive web map that shows campus boundaries compared to city boundaries and also compares the reported sexual assaults for those areas.

Utah Air Toxics - see full article

U.S. Geological Survey

March 2012 - January 2016

McHenry County Water Data: an interactive web map displaying real time ground water levels and other significant data points live.

Real Time Data Display: a web application that cycles through the various water gages and their data throughout the state of Illinois. To see USGS data for your state enter the paramater code in the URL. For example, California real time data can be found at il.water.usgs.gov/rtd2/index.php?state=CA

Illinois Flooding Resources: a responsive web site consolidating the various flooding resources and information for Illinois.

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Ice Flow

Want more? You could check out some of my super old work on coroflot. Most of it is from my undergraduate years at college


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